About DWIT

Discover the World of Information Technology (DWIT) is a hands-on workshop that focuses on the benefits of a career in Information Technology (IT). The event aims to encourage students to enroll in math, science, and technology subjects and develop a positive perception and appreciation for careers in IT.  This annual co-ed event reaches out to both male and female students.  

This day changes the student’s outlook on what their futures may hold.

We expose students to technology in a fun and educational setting. In past events, students built computers, developed their own website, created computer animations, controlled robots and discovered the technology driving the light, sound and effects of modern concert.

A highlight is the catered lunch where students meet local business and IT professionals. These professionals enthusiastically volunteer to sit down with students and share their educational and career experiences. Students have lunch with mentors and discuss career options, career goals, education and the challenges and rewards of the mentor’s career choice.

Who Should Attend?

The event is open to all grade 8-10 students and is not limited to only those with an interest or aptitude in IT.  We’re hoping to connect with students who might not have previously considered a career in IT and who might not realize how important IT might be to their career in any field. We would like to share with students that strength in math, science and technology is not only something they can achieve, but a valuable asset for their futures.